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Is it a mask? It is a cleanser? It’s kinda both, just like the name suggests. Clay and Clear is the perfect cleanser for our oily skin people, especially those who swear by our Activated charcoal black soap. However, here’s the deal: instead of activated charcoal as the sole detoxifying agent for unclogging your pores and balancing your skin, we also threw in Northern Ghanaian clay and bentonite clay. That’s right, you get all the benefits of traditional African black soap, plus all the well-known benefits of the three clays. Talk about a 1,2,3 punch of effectiveness!!


The Ghanaian and Bentonite clays will detoxify, exfoliate and tighten your pores, leaving your skin feeling tingly clean and smooth, while colloidal oat will ensure that the cleanser is still gentle and soothing enough for your skin. Oh and by the way, Ghanaian clay is got from earth in the northern region of Ghana (just like our Shea butter).

This cleanser is great for oily and combination skin types.