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Balance Active Formula - The Serum Heroes: Not all heroes wear capes. A duo of serum Heroes armed with active ingredients and formulated to glow and hydrate. Vitamin C brightening serum with 6% Illumiscin and 3% Stay-C 50, two stabilised forms of vitamin C for a brighter and more even looking skin tone. Hyaluronic Deep Moisture Serum with 5% Hyasol PF to encourage visibly younger looking and hydrated skin. Balance Active Formula products contain breakthrough active ingredients for visible results. Whatever your skin needs, Balance Active Formula has a range designed with you in mind. Vitamin C provides glow and radiance for dull and lacklustre skin, while our Gold Collagen range provides plumpness and a rejuvenated appearance to tackle the first signs of aging. Dermatologically tested & Made in England. Suitable for all skin types.