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This Advanced Clinicals Vitamin C facial moisturizer cream gives you a healthy and radiant complexion by improving your skin texture and skin tone. Our ingredients provide additional skin hydration and soothing benefits. Clinically proven to increase skin luminosity, Advanced Clinicals Vitamin C face moisturizer brightens your complexion, visibly relieving darkening & sun damage. Your face glows with youth. Using a Vitamin C cream in your skin care routine is an excellent choice to experience the vision of younger-looking skin. It reduces the visible signs of ageing, giving you a smoother, brighter, & natural gleam. Our Vitamin C face lotion provides a protective moisture barrier while quenching thirsty skin, so you can say Goodbye to visible fine lines & wrinkles. Nature provides the ingredients, while science enhances & confirms the potency of each cosmeceutical formula that Advanced Clinicals produces, giving you the most effective & safe, clean beauty products available. Thanks to our natural botanicals, pure vitamins, potent proprietary formulas & premium grade products, your skin benefits without taking the harsh hit & irritation that come with many cosmetic products. The botanical sources in our formulas are carefully selected from highly-valued suppliers. Then, they're combined in our USA production facilities, meeting unwavering quality & safety standards.